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At Nireweb, Web Design Agency in Bilbao, we guarantee demonstrable results in a few months, with work and dedication. We are passionate about growing businesses online!

Web Design in Bilbao

Web design, online store design, seo positioning, web maintenance ... for SMEs, freelancers and small businesses in Bilbao

¡Hola! Somos una empresa de jóvenes informáticos, diseñadores y redactores expertos en Diseño Web, Mantenimiento Web y SEO en Bilbao. Después de trabajar varios años por separado decidimos crear este proyecto para poner al alcance del pequeño comercio local Páginas Web profesionales de calidad, con diseños atractivos e intuitivos, textos y contenido enfocados al Posicionamiento SEO y un servicio técnico profesional cercano.

Somos los mismos que contratan las grandes empresas de diseño web: those who when there is a large project are subcontracted to do the tasks that we should do directly, without increasing costs with intermediaries, Web Design in Bilbao NireWeb offers website design for small businesses and freelancers at the best price.

We also make budgets for personalized Web Design, Renewal of Websites that have become obsolete, we carry out the Maintenance of your Website, Translation of Websites into several languages ... We create attractive, secure, adaptable to different devices and very profitable websites.

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First place among more than 5 million results

Google’s top positions with little investment in Web Design and SEO

Although it is very difficult to do so, there are several ways to get to the top positions of Google. The usual thing is to do it with aggressive but somewhat expensive SEO strategies or by paying directly a SEM strategy to appear advertised at the top.

At NireWeb, in addition to these two options, we offer an alternative for those who do not want to spend a lot: position themselves naturally, creating a fully optimized website that Google likes and that will climb positions over time.

We are aware that at the beginning it costs to invest in SEO but a well carried out strategy will make the invested money turn out to be symbolic in a few months. Every € invested will have its return in the form of new customers.

Google likes our Web Design

All of our web pages are close to perfection in Google Lighthouse's demanding web quality test. We want to be 100% transparent with you, you can check yourself as all the websites of our portfolio pass with an outstanding markthis and other rigorous Google tests such as Page Speed Insights or Test My Site

At NireWeb, we follow all of Google’s technical guidelines for our web design, verbatim. That’s why visitors have a good user experience, and Google rewards us with good positioning.

Do you already have a website? We recommend that you put it to the test with these tests. If you do not have a good grade, do not worry, we will help you make your website love the Google search engine.

Rendimiento Web Informe Google
Diseño Web Profesional en Bilbao

Your web design agency in Bilbao

At Nireweb we like to do things well, each project needs a strategy and time to develop in the most optimal way. That is why we do not promise you a web design in 2 days but an attractive, well positioned and profitable website.

If you are looking for a fast Web Design in Bilbao we anticipate that this is not your site. The best pages are made with time, care and dedication. We take care of every element and detail to put your page on the first pages of Google and to meet the specific needs of your target audience.

All this without forgetting that we are targeting SMEs and freelancers with tight budgets. That is why we offer cheap Web Design in Bilbao rates with an incredible value for money. Rates that are profitable in a few months and offer exponential benefits over the years. 

Web page design in Bilbao

Responsive Design

We create your brand image and custom designs 100% adapted to all devices

Advanced HOSTING

Server that ensures a high loading speed and the best measures to protect your website

SSL Certificate

Show Google and your clients that the web is totally safe by obtaining the famous "lock"

Google Analytics

We are transparent with you, periodic reports so you can see how visits to your website grow

Optimizated SEO

Websites prepared to climb to the top positions of Google at the rate that you decide

High performance

Our websites have the highest score on Google’s rigorous tests, check it out for yourself.

Custom Web Design
in Bilbao

You choose how you want the design and structure of your website. If you are not clear about it, our designers will propose several Web Design alternatives always focused on improving the user's browsing experience and, therefore, promoting a better SEO positioning of your website. Leave it in their hands!

As a general rule, we do Web Design in a 100% personalized way. However, our priority is to adapt to each client, so if you want to save time and money we can also work on pre-designed templates.

Specialists in low-cost SEO Positioning

We are aware that there are hundreds of Web Design options in Bilbao, perhaps some of them may seem cheaper. However, if you are here it is because you know that having a website to have is useless. That is why we work strictly following Google's technical guidelines.

The result? Some of our clients are in the first positions of Google only with their website, without having to invest anything else. We also have very profitable low cost rates to keep your website at the top of Google.

Web Design in Bilbao for small businesses

Although we also do projects for large companies, our main audience is small businesses, freelancers, personal projects ... So when you ask us for a quote, you will not find multinational prices. 

Furthermore, in practically all cases the cost is amortized in less than a year. To give you an idea, the cost of having a well-positioned website is doubled by income shortly after starting and becomes symbolic as time passes and business contacts grow.

Web development in Bilbao

We are avid fans of our profession; that’s why we always keep up to date with the latest news and trends, because we like them so much. Because of this passion, we enjoy the fact that Google is making a new Update as an update to Core Web Vitals 2021, where the importance of content loading, good user experience, and graphical stability of websites is strengthened and enhanced. Particular emphasis is placed on fast and accurate charging on mobile devices.

WordPress web design and quality material

We always work with the WordPress CMS, we are experts in achieving almost any functionality quickly with this platform. We use free use photographs or create our own custom images for the project. In addition, we invest a lot in security and stability for our websites.

Big projects for small businesses

We develop 100% of the work: we do not subcontract and there are no intermediaries to increase the budget. We are the technicians that big companies hire: put at the service of the little ones. You will not find multinational prices but you will find quality standards and a work methodology typical of large projects.

We include SEO in our Web Designs

Todos nuestros diseños web llevan incorporada una estrategia SEO inicial básica para que la web cumpla las basic google guidelines and can be positioning in Google over time. This strategy includes deep code optimization, h1, h2 tags, image ALT attributes, and manual indexing in Google.

Inclusion of legal texts and DPA

All the projects we develop are fully adapted to the new DPA and supervised by an expert lawyer in these types of issues so that our clients can be sure that all regulations are met.

We take care of the texts for SEO

We know that Google attaches great importance to text. That's why, we put a special love into writing in the spelling, in the coherence of the words ... The best positioned websites are always the work of expert writers.

Servicios de Marketing Digital

In addition to web design and SEO positioning, We offer a wide range of digital marketing services to accompany your website: management of Social Networks, design of advertising campaigns, graphic design, SEM campaigns, email marketing ...

Work method: at your own pace

If you do not even know where to start with the design of your website, call us, or write us, whatever you prefer, and tell us about your project, business or idea, we will be happy to tell you which way we would follow in your place, how and in what order, advise you what type of website suits you and, of course, accompany you on the way if you want. Without any commitment, of course.

With this brief first contact we will be able to give you a first web budget and set a date for a face-to-face, telephone or video call audit so that you can tell us about your project in more detail. Then we will prepare a document with the strategy and structure of the website and we will set an approximate budget, always open to possible modifications on your part so that it adapts exactly to your objectives. Once all the details have been polished, we will start with the design of the web, always with your supervision and a live monitoring of the development so that we can make the corrections that you consider.

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Opinions about our Web Design and SEO Positioning in Bilbao:

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Kevin Orive (Kevin Orive)
Kevin Orive (Kevin Orive)
18:23 20 Oct 21
Tenía muy claro que quería un diseño web sencillo y limpio y ha quedado de maravilla. La web se ha posicionado muy bien... para búsquedas en Bilbao en solo 4 meses. Muchas gracias por todoread more
14:54 14 Oct 21
Excelente. Poco más puedo decir del trato y trabajo que he recibido de esta agencia de diseño web en Bilbao. Además por... un precio más que justoread more
aitor r
aitor r
14:57 21 Sep 21
10 de 10 como agencia de Marketing. Contactamos con Nireweb para el diseño de una web y desde el principio nos... ofrecieron un presupuesto detallado y económico. Plazos cumplidos de acuerdo con lo comprometido. Han logrado posicionar nuestra Web entre las más visitadas en menos de 6 meses. Muchas Gracias.read more
Urko Sánchez
Urko Sánchez
17:52 16 Jul 21
Excelentes profesionales y, sobre todo, muy atentos y cercanos. Te escuchan y atienden todas tus necesidades con... resultados muy satisfactorios. Páginas web muy visuales e intuitivas con una relación calidad precio incomparable. Totalmente recomendables.read more
Jairo Mediavilla
Jairo Mediavilla
17:49 21 Jun 21
Excelentes profesionales, con una gran atención y un diseño web que me ha encantado!
Oussi Criticas
Oussi Criticas
08:46 27 May 21
Buenos profesionales que ofrecen un muy buen servicio post-venta, que es de agradecer hoy en día
Gaizka Ugalde
Gaizka Ugalde
09:42 10 May 21
Empresa profesional y seria. Muy buena atención y un gran trabajo. Muy contento con el diseño de mi tienda online.
17:14 24 Feb 21
Encantada con el servicio!! Gente joven y cercana. Muy buena atención. Recomendable.
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Frequently asked questions

En nuestra manera de trabajar destacan dos valores: la transparencia y el amor por lo que hacemos. No somos la típica agencia de diseño web que te hace una web en 2 días y te promete resultados, básicamente porque un trabajo de calidad lleva su tiempo. Por supuesto que nos adaptamos a lo que necesites, pero siempre te diremos cuánto va a costar hacer cada parte del proyecto y te recomendaremos desde nuestras experiencia y en función de tus objetivos. A nosotros nos gusta hacer diseños web de calidad y nos cuesta mucho renunciar a ello con tal de abaratar el coste o acelerar el proceso de creación de la web.

Como en todo, lo barato suele salir caro. Una web barata con carencias técnicas no posicionará y la terminarán viendo solo las personas que previamente conocían la empresa. Una web profesional, que sigue a rajatabla todas las directrices técnicas de Google y con una estrategia SEO bien trabajada es una de las mejores inversiones que puedes hacer. Con esto no queremos decir que solo hagamos webs complejas, nada más lejos de la realidad. Queremos centrarnos en los pequeños negocios y autónomos y equiparles con herramientas que les permitan competir y posicionarse como grandes empresas a precios asequibles para ellos. Ya lo estamos haciendo, ¿empezamos con el diseño de tu web?

Te diremos hasta dónde puede llegar tu web y haremos una estimación en función de la competencia del tiempo que puede necesitar para posicionarse y empezar a devolverte el dinero invertido en ella. En todo momento podrás ver la evolución de las visitas de la web y, si no te convencen los resultados, puedes cambiar de agencia de diseño web en cualquier momento. Seremos totalmente transparentes en todo momento.

En el desarrollo de una página web en Bilbao intervienen profesionales de la programación, diseño, marketing, redacción, posicionamiento SEO en Google… Una página web que aspire a ser rentable tiene que tener todos estos aspectos bien trabajados. No sirve de nada que la web tenga un diseño muy atractivo si luego carga muy despacio, no se ve bien en móviles o no tiene un buen posicionamiento. Además, en NireWeb nos centramos en sacarle rentabilidad. Al fin y al cabo, la página web es una herramienta de venta que tiene como objetivo conseguir nuevos clientes y mejorar tu imagen de marca.

It depends on many factors: amount of content on the web, languages, need for any specific functionality ... If you have questions, call us or write to us and briefly explain your project, we can give you a approximate budget in a short time . If you are convinced, we will arrange a face-to-face or telephone meeting to specify the parts of the web and the final budget. You have no commitment.

Likewise, as a large part of the works that they ask us have similar characteristics, we have prepared some web plans para que veas si tu proyecto encaja en alguno de los planes.

El tiempo de desarrollo de una página web depende de múltiples factores. Dependiendo de los objetivos marcados en el proyecto y funcionalidades, puede ser más o menos complejo. La dimensión de la web es también un factor importante, si consta de más de un idioma, si hay que desarrollar una funcionalidad especial etc. Por norma general, la media de un proyecto para el diseño web de un pequeño negocio en Bilbao suele rondar las 2 o 3 semanas, siempre y cuando el cliente aporte la información necesaria sin grandes retrasos.

If you are in a hurry or need to get the project ready as soon as possible, we also develop projects quickly with the same efficiency, but this can increase the cost.


It is also very common for customers who have just made a website and now want to position themselves well on Google to contact us. In these cases, 99% of the website needs to be redesigned; in fact, the website is created without regard to this purpose, and the web design is not properly optimized for placement on Google.


The website will be the client's once they have paid 100% of the agreed amount, as reflected in the web project contract. You pay to develop a web page and from that moment on, you have total freedom to do whatever you want with it, such as taking it to another web host if you consider it appropriate.

If you have the material, perfectly. If you haven’t, don’t worry: we have professional copywriters and designers, and they’ll do the work for you. In any case, we need to adapt the material for the website: focus the texts on SEO, reduce the size of the images for upload speed, add alt attributes and geolocate the images for positioning, etc. All this work is under our responsibility and is included in the budget we gave you earlier.



Yes, you could make changes to your website, thanks to the fact that we use WordPress and we prepare you with a video tutorial so that you can make changes yourself if you wish. We will teach you basic things such as making text changes, putting an image, posting a news on the blog, etc. However, in the case of more substantial changes, our advice is to delegate this work to a specialized technician.

At NireWeb we do not charge monthly payments for your website, we simply design it for you and give it to you.
We exclusively charge you a payment for the web design that you must pay <in two parts: one to start the project and another at the end.

Something that we will do is inform you about our web maintenance service which includes a series of actions that are carried out periodically. These actions involve revamping internal things so that your splendidly designed website remains online, functioning and displaying properly on all devices. Here we include the cost of hosting, domain and payment modules, backup copies, WordPress update, plugins and themes, cleaning and optimization of the database, technical service etc.

Also, depending on your objectives, we will inform you about our SEO positioning strategy that will have to be implemented constantly to reach the top positions in Google. A good SEO strategy is incredibly profitable in the medium and long term, with a few months of hard and specialized work, we can achieve very stable results (as long as you do not abandon the strategy) that ensure a constant arrival of clients.

Yes. That’s why it’s important to be clear that one of the goals of a website is to position it on Google, or simply to focus its strategy on completing the branding of the web strategy. All the web pages we design are optimized for search engines, but they do not guarantee that you will use a specific search criterion in the first place. It is important to find the right words for the customers you want to find and to keep the website constantly up to date. In addition, we always recommend hiring a positioning strategy for Google in order to position your website properly and make it more profitable. 

Maintaining the website includes a variety of actions that are performed on a regular basis. These actions require you to innovate your internal things so that your website stays well-designed online, working and displaying well across all devices. Here are the cost of hosting, domain and payment modules, backups, WordPress update, plugins and themes, database cleaning and optimization, technical service, etc.

Lack of proper maintenance is very dangerous on a website made with WordPress ; in fact, the website, theme, and plugins are frequently updated, and special care must be taken not to create any incompatibility issues that will end up with all the work already done. Therefore, although it is not mandatory, in most cases it is advisable to hire a professional maintenance service. If you do not want to hire us, you are free to look for another company that will do this, but we recommend that you entrust the maintenance to professionals.

Also, keep in mind that having a website will always lead to some fixed costs: hosting, the price of the payment modules used by the website, and the domain. On MyWeb, we will be very transparent with you in referring these fixed costs before providing the website. And, if you hire our web maintenance service, we assume all of these costs, and we also offer an extra number of services, like the ones mentioned above. 

Es la posición que ocupa la web en el ranking de Google. Si quieres tener visibilidad y que tu web sea rentable, esta debe estar en la primera página de resultados ¿Cómo se puede conseguir esto? El posicionamiento SEO depende de infinidad de factores que debéis ir trabajando. Lo primero es que la página web esté muy bien desarrollada. Si tiene carencias técnicas, jugarás en desventaja y jamás podrás alcanzar las primeras posiciones de Google. Lo segundo es tener una estrategia de posicionamiento a medio y largo plazo bien trabajada: cuidar el código, las etiquetas, la optimización de la web, los contenidos, las palabras clave, la velocidad de carga de la web, los enlaces entrantes y salientes, la reputación online… todo ello precisa un control constante y exhaustivo para que la web se posicione poco a poco en las primeras posiciones de Google. Tener una página web y no tener una estrategia SEO es como pretender ligar sin salir de casa, no existes. Por lo tanto, a no ser que solo quieras la web para uso personal o como repositorio para enseñar a determinados clientes, siempre es recomendable tener una estrategia SEO contratada. Además, una estrategia SEO bien planteada es una inversión que se puede rentabilizar en pocos meses y dar resultados increíbles si se mantiene en el tiempo. Nuestro servicio de posicionamiento SEO más sencillo cuesta solo 20€ al mes y es en la mayoría de los casos este importe se ve superado por los retornos en forma de potenciales clientes que genera en unos pocos meses.