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All web plans include the specifications named in the section Features

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Landing page
  • Professional and Responsive Web Design
  • Optimizated SEO
  • SSL Certificate
  • Backups
  • Google Analytics
  • Professional and Responsive Web Design
  • Optimizated SEO
  • SSL Certificate
  • Backups
  • Google Analytics
  • Many languages
  • Content changes
  • Características web profesional
  • Many languages
  • Content changes
  • Online sales platform
  • Booking system

We are professionals of web development , we design a web page totally adapted to you: corporate web pages, landing pages, blog design, online stores, etc. We adjust to each client to offer what they really need. We work especially with SMEs and Freelancers and we help these small and medium businesses to offer a professional online image and to attract new clients to their companies.

The website must not only be functional and have good security, it must also be visually attractive . The user has to feel comfortable browsing your website. In this way, he will have a better image of your corporate brand and will spend more time on your website and you will be able to really convey your services or products and the values of your company. This is also critical for NireWeb.

  • Design : Make the Agency page attractive and viewable properly across multiple devices, being Responsive .
  • Security : opt for pages that have SSL Certificate , protection against attacks and make regular backups.

  • Experience : Visit the work done to see the quality level. Make sure they are not generic templates, but real customers.
  • Reviews : Check the opinions of clients, staff, and partners about the agency.
  • Marketing Experts : Don't trust those that say they are experts in online marketing and then need sales and calls to sell their services.

  • Optimization : We optimize the configuration of your server and your website so that it loads faster.
  • Repairs : We'll scan your site for errors, and fix them, detect broken links, and fix them.
  • Updates : We regularly update all plugins or extensions on your site. We will update your software, files, and version of your platform.
  • Backup : It is very important to back up your website regularly. We keep several copies and serve them as a mattress in case of any errors, hacks or problems in your hosting.
  • Weak Detection : We ensure the security of your online business by detecting and eliminating vulnerabilities on your website.
  • Web Tools : We set up and administer the "Google Search Console" for your website. We create and optimize your site's sitemap.
  • Content update : Regular content update. We will change prices, texts, etc. We may be responsible for updating the content of your website, such as photos, text, buttons, new features. * Only some of our packages have this service.
  1. Structure : The client will propose the initial structure of the web based on the characteristics of his business: what services he offers, what services he does not want to include, if he wants a section showing his equipment, a section with a map, news section, etc. In case of not having this clear structure, the NireWeb team will make a proposal adjusting to the client's needs.
  2. Budget : NireWeb will determine the number of hours required to create a website, and will set a budget accordingly.
  3. Content : NireWeb has its own professionals and tools for creating content, but there is the option for the client to provide NireWeb with the corresponding text for each section: who we are, services ... Who better than oneself to know what you want to convey about your business?
  4. Tracking : NireWeb will send periodic reports to the customer informing them of the process of creating the website and the number of hours invested. If more hours are needed, the established budget will be renegotiated.
  5. Satisfaction : Review the work done by the client and approve or indicate appropriate changes.
  6. Optimization : Once the design and content of the website have been approved, the plugins will be optimized, installed and configured; social media connection, SEO optimization, Google Search Console and Gooogle Analytics registration, cookie policy, etc.
  7. Training : Upon request, the client will create a training handbook (for the client's website only, not general) for use on the website.
  8. Maintaining the website : MyWeb is responsible for maintaining the website completely so that the customer does not have to worry about anything.

SEO optimization on page of your web page so that it has a good local SEO positioning . Potential clients will find your business above that of other companies when they look for the services you offer in your area and surroundings thanks to local SEO .

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